Welcome to the Wall of Women
   Welcome to the Wall of Women

Help Us Build the Wall

To add your photos to the Wall of Women, please send them by email to admin@construction.org.


We have a few simple rules. First, you must cut and paste the text in blue below into the body of your email to give us permission to post your photo.


We will need your name, job title, and the name of your company. We will need your email address. We will keep this information on file solely for the purpose of keeping a record of your permission to post the photo(s) you send us on the Wall of Women and for no other purpose. We will not post or share your information with anyone. You can revoke your permission at any time by sending an email to admin@construction.org. All photos will be reviewed for quality and appropriateness. We do not promise to use your photo. If you do not cut and paste the language below into your email, we can not post your photo. If we become aware that you did not have the right to send us the photo, we will take it down.


Here's the text you need to cut and paste into your email with us:


I hereby grant the Construction Institute, University of Hartford, the nonexclusive right to post the photos attached to this email on the Institute's Wall of Women. This permission is granted in perpetuity unless I send the Institute a notice by email to admin@construction.org revoking permission. I confirm that I have the right to give permission for the photo to be posted.


Thanks for your understanding. 

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